Praxis Care complies with the Governance Code for community, voluntary and charitable organisations in Ireland.

We confirm that a review of our organisation’s compliance with the principles in the Code was conducted on 4 April 2016.

This review was based on an assessment of our organisational practice against the recommended actions for each principle. The review sets out actions and completion dates for any issues that the assessment identifies need to be addressed 

Principles of Good Governance


The Board has the ultimate legal and financial responsibility for all the activities of the organisation.  Board Members maintain an overview of policy and strategic direction rather than being involved in day-to-day operations.


The Governance Committee has the responsibility of overseeing the governance structure of Praxis Care.

The Property Committee is a Sub Committee of the Governance Committee and leads on the strategy and management of all Praxis Care properties.

The Finance Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) on all financial issues.

The Development, Care and Research Committee has the responsibility of overseeing the Business Development Plan.  The Committee also assists in the development of the Praxis Care Research Strategy and monitors the operation of Care Services.

HR / Learning & Development Committee reviews and make recommendations to the Board and SLT on HR issues, including management development, succession planning and training.

The Remuneration Committee reviews and make recommendations to the Board on the remuneration framework for the organisation.


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