Promoting Independence – The purpose of Praxis Care

  • Praxis Care will help every individual to become as independent as he/she can be, to reach their full potential, and be active citizens in their communities.
  • Praxis Care will enable individuals to make informed choices about their own lives, and involve them in all aspects of the work of Praxis Care through the organisation’s commitment to a user focused ethos.

Protecting Individuals – The professionalism of Praxis Care

  • In all the organisation’s actions, the best interests of service users are paramount.
  • Praxis Care will carry out its work in partnership with other organisations, safeguarding individuals, ensuring risk is managed, and encouraging positive risk taking.
  • The organisation’s focus on continuous improvement means that it strives for the highest standards, with current best practice guiding everyday service delivery.
  • Praxis Care’s staff are committed to their own professional development and to maintaining the highest codes of conduct expected by service users and the public.

Promising Integrity – The principles of Praxis Care

  • Praxis Care will respect the rights of every individual, ensuring that their confidentiality, privacy and dignity are secured.
  • Praxis Care will act honestly, openly and with transparency in all interactions with service users and their representatives, stakeholders, and the public.
  • Praxis Care will foster and promote a sense of social responsibility throughout the organisation to the benefit of the environment and everyone with whom the organisation comes into contact.
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