Written by PraxisAdmin

Bocombra – Client’s Christmas Dinner

On the 11th December 2009 all the clients from Bocombra Workskills and the Secret Garden attended their Christmas dinner at Portadown Rugby Club. All the clients really enjoyed the food and thought the service from the waitresses was excellent. Andrew Webb said “the waitresses were really kind and kept the plates topped up”.

All the clients really enjoyed getting dressed up and looked like they belonged on the red carpet. They really enjoyed getting together as Bocombra and the Secret Garden rarely get an opportunity to get together at the same time. Jennifer Jones said “ it was great getting together with friends from both Bocombra and the Garden at the same time. It was really good craic. Mind you that Mark Jackson one was late per usual!!”. Charlene Menary said, “ It was good of all the staff to organize the dinner and all the clients want to say a big thank you to all the staff for their hard work”. A great day was had by all.


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