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Case Study – Ciaran Moore (25), Lawrencetown, Co Down

My mental health started to cause me concern when I attended university in England.

I had studied drama in Belfast and had been accepted on a drama degree in England.

It was my dream to get on the course.

The course I had studied at Belfast had been very practical and hands on which I had really enjoyed.

However when I went to university I found the pressure of having to get assignments in on time very demanding and I started to fall behind on my course work.

My sleeping pattern was very disturbed and I think I only got one night’s sleep in the three years that I was at university.

On the third year of my course my granny died over the Easter holidays.

As a result of the grieving and the pressure to finish my assignments on time I fell further behind in my course work and eventually I deferred the final year of my course and returned home

When I returned from university my relationship with my mum and dad got worse.

I never got on well with my father and he started to nag me to get a job.

My sleeping patterns continued to get worse and I was sleeping in to after 3 in the afternoon.

I was cursing and shouting manically at the simplest things.

I was referred to a Community Psychiatric Nurse and then onto a psychiatrist

I saw the psychiatrist on a weekly basis and was prescribed medication for my anxiety and depression.

Finally I was given a Praxis Care flat

This was the first major break in my road to recovery.

This was the gift to live independently to break out on my own away from my family to start over again and, to begin to write the story of my life on a fresh piece of paper.

Praxis was there to create a support plan and to help me through my problems

Praxis Care as well as providing independent accommodation helped me deal with a lot of tough issues such as anger management coping with anxiety coping with severe depression and thoughts of suicide.

I now have a purpose and a structure in my life I have joined a loyal drama group and I am going to a local class to help with my weight and diet.

Earlier this year I went on “The Weakest Link” TV programme.

I was very nervous and had to travel to England on my own to record the programme.

However once I got on the programme my confidence grew and I got a chance to try out some of my acting skills by impersonating another contestant with a Liverpool accent!

I have got out of my routine over the summer and I have put on weight but my drama class is starting soon and I am looking forward to getting involved again in the group

I have made amends with my family and I now visit my family every Wednesday

I believe I have become a person who is in control of their emotions, friendlier and happier.

I have undergone a positive change and I am looking forward to the future.



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