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Collections and Events in 2010

Praxis Care is planning a wide range of awareness raising events along with sports runs and collections in 2010.

Events that have already taken place include :

• 8th January Belfast collection – £432

• 6th February Enniskillen and Kesh collection – £527

• 19th February Derry collection – £1034

• 26th February Coleraine collection – £736

For information about forthcoming events go to the events calendar on the Praxis Care website.

There are loads of fun and exciting events planned for 2010

• 26th March Portadown Collection

• 25th April London Marathon

• 3rd May Belfast City Marathon

• 7th June Dublin Women’s Marathon

• 12th June Coleraine Collection

• 10th July Tesco Bag Pack Portadown

• 8th August Isle of Man and Half Marathon

• 3rd September B and M Bargains Bag Pack Derry

• 10th September Great Northern Run

• 19th September Great North Run, Newcastle

• 22nd September World Mental Health Day Reception Long Gallery, Stormont, Belfast

25th September Lisburn Collection

• 2nd October Enniskillen Collection

• 9th October Belfast Collection

• 10th October World Mental Health Day

• 7th November New York City Marathon

• 3rd December B and M Bargains, Derry

• 4th December Derry Collection

• 10th December Portadown Collection

• 11th December Bag Pack Tesco Portadown

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