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Dr. Gerry Cunningham – Temporary Director – Development (Republic of Ireland) – RMN, RGN, MBA, PhD

Gerry joined Praxis Care in February 2012 as Assistant Director for Development in the Republic of Ireland and was appointed Temporary Director – Development (Republic of Ireland) in February 2017. Gerry is a registered general and psychiatric nurse. He has been involved in practice, management and research in healthcare for more than 30 years.  He began his career in Northern Ireland and has worked in the Republic of Ireland for eight years with the Mental Health Commission.  Gerry has been a general manager in Northern Ireland with Newry and Mourne Trust and with the Royal Hospitals Trust.  His doctoral research was in the evaluation of community mental health services in Northern Ireland.  Gerry was a director with the Mental Health Commission when it first commenced and played a key role in implementing the Mental Health Act 2001.

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