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Elephant In The Room: A Mental Health Anti-Stigma Campaign

Click here to view the World Mental Health 2013 News Release & Case Study

Mental ill Health is the single largest cause of disability in Northern Ireland – it is the elephant in the room.

The World Health Organisation has designated 10 October 2013 as World Mental Health Day. It is a global day set aside in recognition of the seriousness of the consequences of mental ill-health on the individual, their family and on the wider community.

There are many different types of mental illness including anxiety, neurosis, depression, psychosis, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia.

This year’s initiative is aimed at highlighting the need to invest in quality mental health services for older sufferers in our community. The theme for 2013 World Mental Health Day is “mental health and older adults”

Praxis Care, one of the UK’s larger charities and a major provider of mental health services is hosting a series of events to support and promote World Mental Health Day 2013.

Nevin Ringland CEO and Founder of Praxis Care:

‘Praxis Care is asking individuals to recognise mental ill health as the “elephant in the room” and take a positive step by supporting our elephant anti stigma campaign.

World Mental Health Day promotes more open discussion on mental illness and the need for investment in prevention and treatment services. Praxis Care specialises in offering a dedicated counselling service which uses cognitive behaviour therapy for the treatment of mental health and operates a number of supported living services for individuals suffering from mental ill health.

If you donate £8 to Praxis Care, you will receive a small elephant which we would like you to place on your desk at work or carry in your car, as a symbol of a stigma free zone. By doing so you will be making a strong statement that your space is a stigma free zone and anyone can discuss their concerns about mental illness.

If you want to know more about the work of Praxis Care visit www.praxisprovides.org.uk or call 028 90 234 555

Let’s talk about the Elephant In The Room. A Mental Health Anti-Stigma Campaign.

STIGMA can seem invisible but its effect are not. People with mental illness say that stigma can be worse that the illness itself.

STIGMA. What is it? Negative, disrespectful and untrue judgments about you based on what people think they know about you – and your situation.

What can YOU do?

  • Educate yourself
  • Treat people with respect
  • Confront stigma
  • Suppoort your friends / family / work colleagues

As an employer

  • Educate managers and staff – Build awareness, knowledge and acceptance and eliminate stigma.
  • Provide support by offering workplace programmes and support.

As a person with mental illness

  • Get treatment
  • Don’t allow self – doubt and shame
  • Inform others
  • Be a champion
Praxis Care Elephant

Elephant in the Room is a national anti-stigma campaign designed to eliminate stigma associated with mental Illness.

When you display your blue elephant, you show that you care about the wellness of others, that THIS is a safe place to talk about mental illness without fear of being looked upon differently, thought of less, or punished.

When you see our little blue elephant, you know that THIS is a safe place to speak about any mental health issues you or your family may be having. You will be treated with respect and dignity, you will not be stigmatized in any way, and you will find support and understanding from a friend who cares.

Praxis Care is an official International Partner of the Elephant in the Room Anti-Stigma Campaign, an initiative of Mood Disorders Society of Canada.


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