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Jimmy’s Trip to Medijugorie

In October of 2009 Jimmy left his home in Swan house to travel with the pilgrimage to Medjugorje. Two staff planned this trip in conjunction with his key working.
The 2 staff that travelled was a lady team leader Nicola Dalton and a male support worker Garry Treanor. The trip was for one week and it was in conjunction with Meath Pilgrimage.

With a small bit of encouragement Jimmy set off on day 3 to climb Apparition hill.
We went back down to the village where Jimmy had spied a Guinness sign. It so happened that this place also served the best food in Medjugorje. Columbos became Jimmy favourite place in Medjugorje.

Jimmy was brought to Dubrovnik for a night visit and sees the beautiful aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean.

Overall the trip was a major success and Jimmy’s development into a much more confident and contented gentleman has only been helped by his trip. Jimmy describes the trip as his dream. In the following weeks and months after returning home Jimmy still can be heard telling other staff members of the great time he had in Medjugorje.


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