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McCall’s meets St. Paul’s Court ‘Back to the good old school days’

St. Paul’s Court is a supported living scheme for individuals diagnosed with dementia and provides them with the opportunity to live safely in the community. The scheme opened its doors eleven years ago and has vital part of promoting independence for individuals with dementia. Every Friday staff hold a Tenant’s Association Group meeting which brings together service users and staff to engage in a wide range of activities. On Friday 17th of April St. Paul’s Court held a back to school reminiscence group. This included talking about the service users’ experiences and for many their earliest memories last the longest, therefore reminiscence work is an important tool in maintaining social skills and stimulation. The morning included mock exams, school yard games and cake and lumpy custard for break. St. Paul’s Court community were very grateful to McCall’s of Lisburn for kindly donating the uniforms and vintage typewriter which really helped to make the day special and memorable. McCall’s has also been a great support in other fundraising events held by St. Paul’s Court and have made numerous donations. McCall’s has been a vital part of the community in Lisburn since 1959 and it is great to have their support in our ventures. Big thanks to Angela Smyrl for all her help in planning and setting up for the TAG groups.

Pictured below: Stacy Geddis and Danielle Cooper (Team leaders, St. Paul’s Court).

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