Praxis Care has Friends of Praxis Care support groups throughout Ireland, the Isle of Man and the UK.

The Friends of Praxis Care groups raise valuable income for local projects and help to raise the profile of Praxis Care’s work at a local level.

Each Friends group is run within the local project with staff, volunteers, service users and family working together to help support the work of Praxis Care.

Each branch is run by a committee who are made of staff, volunteers, service users and families.

If you would like to find out more about your local Friends of Praxis Care Group please contact your local group for information.

Friends of MeltonFriends of Forest HillFriends of Kesh
Friends of Isle of ManFriends of St PaulsFriends of Glenfield
Friends of BeechfieldFriends of Coombe HouseFriends of Manchester
Friends of DerryFriends of Larne
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