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Nigerian Culture Day in Richmond Hall, Derry


Praxis Care organised a Nigerian Culture Day on Friday 9th September at Richmond Hall, Derry. The event was organised by Praxis Care Foyle Floating Support staff member Sandra Agoha (who began employment with Praxis Care in July 2016) is originally from Nigeria in Africa and moved to Ireland 6 years ago.

As most of the staff and service users knew very little about Nigeria and its culture, Sandra and Assistant Director Rosemary Doherty, decided a Nigerian Culture Day would be a great way of breaking down barriers and a great way for all of us to learn about other cultures.

The event was well attended by service users,, statutory workers and staff.  Sandra decorated the venue with many of her traditional clothes from Nigeria, displaying these around the walls.  These beautiful garments included brightly coloured and sequenced dresses and bodices, vibrant head wear and fabulous pieces of beaded jewellery.

Sandra begun the cultural day with some traditional Nigerian breakfast treats before giving a very interesting and entertaining presentation on The federal Republic of Nigeria. The audience found out that Nigeria has a population of 167 million and has over 200 languages and tribes with the three biggest being Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Sandra showed  pictures of different hairstyles and of some Nigerian traditional foods. She explained where she is from in Nigeria and about some of the games they play in Nigeria. She also taught some of her native language and the audience were all able to say “Welcome”, “How are you?” and “I am fine”.

Sandra then played us some Nigerian music videos and some of the enthusiastic service users joined Sandra in dancing to the music. This was great fun and enjoyed by all. Sandra ended the day by serving a traditional lunch to everyone. This included many tasty foods including fried rice dishes, fried plantain, chicken and salads. The delicious foods were very much enjoyed by all with many having seconds and some even having thirds.

Everyone in attendance immensely enjoyed the Nigerian Culture Day and  left with a greater awareness of both Sandra’s culture and her identity.

The event left the audience with a great sense of how small Ireland is in comparison to other parts of the world.









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