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Praxis Care join lobby for respite services

A group of parent and support organisations including Praxis Care come together to lobby for the provision of appropriate adult respite for children and adults with disabilities.

The Louth Respite Working Group welcomed Deputy Fergus O’Dowd, Senator Ged Nash, Deputy Peter Fitzpatrick  and a representative from Deputy Gerry Adams office to a meeting in Ardee on Tuesday 4th October.

Members of the group include Autism Support Louth, SNAP, Drogheda ABACAS School for children with autism, Councillor Maeve Yore and the Dundalk Parents and Friends Group.

At the meeting a presentation was given by Jacinta Walsh representing the Louth Respite Working Group which clearly identified the need for additional Adult respite in Louth.

There are three main groups in desperate need of respite, older adults with a disability living at home with older parents, younger adults with challenging behaviour and emergency or crisis situations.  At the moment there is no respite provision at all for these three groups.

This need has been agreed by the HSE to have been identified by the Disability Database but at the moment there are no funds in the existing Service Plan to meet those needs and therefore additional funding will need to be found.

Praxis Care did a presentation about working  working with people with severe challenging behaviour and complex needs  and what a respite service to meet the identified needs might look like.

By the end of the meeting the need for additional adult respite was agreed by all to be absolutely clear.  “Many families are in desperate need of regular appropriate respite and are living on a constant basis under extreme amounts of stress” said Jacinta Walsh.

“We are asking our local politicians to step up and secure funding for an adult respite service for Louth.” All the politicians in attendance vowed to do their utmost to help these families.

“We are asking for a ring fenced revenue stream to be allocated to Louth HSE to provide appropriate, regular, planned respite for families with adult children with a disability in Louth.”


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