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Praxis Care World Mental Health Day 2013

Mental ill Health is the single largest cause of disability in Northern Ireland – it is the elephant in the room.

The World Health Organisation has designated 10 October 2013 as World Mental Health Day. It is a global day set aside in recognition of the seriousness of the consequences of mental ill-health on the individual, their family and on the wider community.

There are many different types of mental illness including anxiety, neurosis, depression, psychosis, bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia.

This year’s initiative is aimed at highlighting the need to invest in quality mental health services for older sufferers in our community. The theme for 2013 World Mental Health Day is “mental health and older adults”

Praxis Care, one of the UK’s larger charities and a major provider of mental health services is hosting a series of events to support and promote World Mental Health Day 2013.

Nevin Ringland CEO and Founder of Praxis Care:

‘Praxis Care is asking individuals to recognise mental ill health as the “elephant in the room” and take a positive step by supporting our elephant anti stigma campaign.

World Mental Health Day promotes more open discussion on mental illness and the need for investment in prevention and treatment services. Praxis Care specialises in offering a dedicated counselling service which uses cognitive behaviour therapy for the treatment of mental health and operates a number of supported living services for individuals suffering from mental ill health.

If you donate £8 to Praxis Care, you will receive a small elephant which we would like you to place on your desk at work or carry in your car, as a symbol of a stigma free zone. By doing so you will be making a strong statement that your space is a stigma free zone and anyone can discuss their concerns about mental illness.

If you want to know more about the work of Praxis Care visit www.praxisprovides.org.uk or call 028 90 234 555


Notes to Editors

To organise an interview with service users or to request further information on the work of Praxis Care, contact Paul Collins Assistant Director Fundraising and PR 028 90 234 555 / 07918 720554.

Mental Health Facts:

Mental ill health comes at an economic and social cost to the UK economy of £105 billion a year. Yet mental health services are the “Cinderella” of social care services. Mental health services are poorly funded compared with other conditions and the issue’s not spoken about nearly enough. It is the largest single cause of disability, with 23% of the disease burden of the NHS, yet the NHS spends only 1% of its budget on mental health problems.

Research has established that the incidence of mental ill health in Northern Ireland is twice that of the levels in England.

(DHSSPSNI [2007] The Bamford Review of Mental Health and Learning Disability (Northern Ireland) of Psychiatrists (2010).

Praxis Care is a charity empowering adults and children with mental ill health, learning disability, or acquired brain injury to enjoy everyday living, irrespective of the complexity of their needs. Praxis Care provides a range of accommodation and support services for nearly 1,500 people in 80 separate locations. Services are provided across Northern Ireland, England, the Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Events / activities that Praxis Care are running to mark the day include:

Praxis Care Activities

  • Praxis Care “the Elephant in the room” a mental ill health anti-stigma campaign.
  • Praxis Care Sponsored Read it! – encourages schools in Ireland, UK and the Isle of Man to read books whilst raising funds for Praxis Care.
  • Belfast Street Collection- Friday 11th October
  • Praxis Care will be inviting local politicians / media and key decision makers for coffee mornings in each of the Praxis Care projects in Northern Ireland, England, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Praxis Care Mental Health Conference in Dundalk on 8th October.

World Mental Health Day 2013

Case Study

Mrs Mavis Rosborough (68) Derry


I was born in Drumahoe, Co Derry in 1945 in a family of 12 – 6 boys and 6 girls.

We grew up in a small house in the country and had to move several times.

I remember there were six of us in one bed with three at the bottom and three at the top.

I quite often woke up with a toe in my face!

My father worked hard as an inspector in the Admiralty but life was still tough.

I did well at school but we didn’t have the money for me to go college or university.

Mental Health

My mental illness started when I started to work in a local factory at 16 years of age

I found the conditions very crampt and the noise of the machinery gave me a pounding headache.

I had a nervous breakdown and was referred to a Professor in Belfast

I changed jobs and started to work in a café in the Altnagelvin Hospital but I continued to be ill and had to have my medication reviewed.


Around this time I meet my future husband after my boyfriend had died in a motor bike accident.

Looking back I felt my husband took advantage of my vulnerability and soon after we went out with each other I got pregnant

I did not want to be with him and in fact went away to England

However I was persuaded by my family to come home and eventually marry him.

It was a very unhappy marriage and my mental health suffered throughout.

Eventually I could take no more of the marriage and walked out of the family home and set myself up in a flat on my own.

However from the marriage I have five fantastic children and nine grand children


Apart from my family I am very proud that I was given the opportunity to become a nurse in Altnagalvin and a specialized in the care of patients with mental health problems, where I worked for 17 years.

My mental health has continued to suffer over the years but I have learnt to cope better and have the support of my children.

Unfortunately my physical health has been poor and I have had cancer of the lungs and gall stones.

Now I still live on my own and see my children and grand children every week and I am involved in the local choir.

Praxis Care

Praxis Care has been a great help by providing regular contact through their floating support service.

It is great to have someone calling in on a regular baisis and helping me.


My advice for people suffering from poor mental health is –

No matter how bad things are never give up – there is always light at the end of the tunnel

Also keep yourself busy … read a book … take up hobby.. rest when you need to and give yourself goals that you can achieve.

Praxis Care is an official International Partner of the Elephant in the Room Anti-Stigma Campaign, an initiative of Mood Disorders Society of Canada.


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