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Recent Newspaper Coverage

Particular spotlight has been focused on Nevin in the Belfast Telegraph with sensationalised headlines which could easily be misleading.  I can appreciate that media coverage such as this can cause disquiet within the staff group, service users, volunteers and the general public.

For clarification, Nevin’s salary has not changed from last year, contrary to the impression given by the newspaper report.  Monies paid last year reflected back payments of pension entitlement which had not been received.

Nevin’s current salary scale was set in 2001 by the then Praxis Care Chairman, in consultation with the Company Solicitor and Company Auditors. It is linked to a specific Civil Service Pay Band and his contract of employment has not changed since 2001.

There is no question of Nevin setting his own salary and, in fact, he has consistently received and claimed less financially than his entitlement under contract. The debate can continue in relation to the extent of his salary, which is, the Board feels, reflective of the responsibilities within his role, but there is no question of a lack of integrity, openness or transparency in any transaction in relation to Nevin’s pay.

I can reassure service users, staff, volunteers and fundraising supporters that 100% of monies raised directly from the general public through flag days, fundraising events or donations are used to enhance the lives of service users.

Director Grade remuneration runs from £45k to £78k and is set lower than the NHS equivalent band.  This band was set by the Remuneration Committee of the Board following an independent formal job evaluation comparing Praxis Care Directors with similar NHS staff in the UK.  The current Senior Managers in Praxis Care have extensive executive management experience within the statutory and independent sectors.  All Directors of Care opted to take a decrease in salary and benefits to take up employment with Praxis Care.

It is not unusual for employees of any organisation to be married or be in a relationship. At Praxis Care, when such circumstances arise, stringent governance processes are put in place to ensure recruitment, performance and remuneration of the individuals concerned are independently appraised and managed.  Ms Sloan was interviewed for her post by an interview panel which included external consultants and did not include Mr Ringland.

It is widespread practice for women to retain their maiden names on getting married and that is a matter for them, not their employers. It is especially commonplace amongst professional women with an outstanding reputation in their field of expertise. Ms Sloan would be considered to be one of the most respected, experienced and professionally qualified managers working in social care today.

The figure quoted regarding pension contributions is the total amount for all employees in the relevant pay bracket.


Ken Brundle

Chair – Praxis Care Board

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