Written by PraxisAdmin

Ronan's Trip to Cork

Ronan Connolly, from the Praxis Care Navan scheme, went on a plane for the fist time this summer and was supported in doing so by staff.

As it was Ronan’s first time flying and his key working team thought it would be a good idea to fly from Dublin to Cork as it is a short flight.

Ronan was totally relaxed on the plane and enjoyed the flight. On arriving in Cork Ronan enjoyed spending some time sight-seeing before booking into the hotel.

He then relaxed in his room before going out into Cork City for his tea. He enjoyed the company of staff and reported having a great time. Ronan noted that he would like to go to England on his next trip!

Ronan was supported in this trip by his key worker Sally Tipping, co-key worker Ray Moore and support worker Garry Treanor and photos of his experience can be viewed here.

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