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Rosaleen Hannon (Assistant Director – Care)

Rosaleen Hannon

Rosaleen has been working with Praxis Care for ten years.

She has been involved in the development of the first Praxis Care Service in Republic of Ireland, a service that she herself, went on to manage in 2008.

She was appointed Assistant Director in Republic of Ireland  in 2015.

Rosaleen commenced her career as a Registered General Nurse in Edinburgh. She gained many years experience in general nursing in Scotland, Australia and Ireland before moving into area of intellectual disability. Rosaleen has worked in a diverse range of health care services in Scotland, Australia and Ireland and has gained many years experience and expertise in residential, respite and day services.

Rosaleen believes in an inclusive society where each individual has an equally valuable role to play. She advocates that each person is afforded opportunities and supports to enable them to live a full life and to achieve their true potential. Rosaleen promotes the rights for individuals with intellectual disability.

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