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Sahil’s Fundraising Skydive

On Sunday 8th August Sahil took to the skies to raise funds for the Melton Project. Sahil decided that he wanted to do a tandem skydive to raise money for sensory equipment for a new sensory room in Melton’s redevelopment plans. Weeks of planning went into this and the day finally arrived with clear blue skies and Sahil’s determination unfaltering.

Sahil arrived at Langar Airfield in Leicestershire at 7.45am to register and had to wait until 1.30pm before he took off in the light aircraft with his instructor. His supporters consisted of a large group of family members, staff from the Project, and fundraising group members who all stood looking upwards waiting for sight of the blue stripped parachute that would indicate Sahil’s approach. By now, there was some cloud cover, so the wait was longer than expected, but as the saying goes, “what goes up, must come down” and sure enough, his parachute soon came into view. As he approached the landing site, Sahil waved cheerfully to his spectators below and a minute later he touched down safely.
Sahil was rewarded by his uncle with a tee-shirt especially printed for him with the slogan, “I’ve got chati” which means “I have heart” (and guts!!!), which he proudly wore for his last photos.

Although it had been a long wait and the anticipation must have been nerve wracking, Sahil coped with the whole adventure in true style and smiled his way through the whole day. We were told afterwards that he had jumped from 13,000ft and had been in freefall until 5,000ft. Sahil had given his tandem partner the “thumbs up” the whole way down to show he was OK. In fact, Sahil was more than OK; he enjoyed it so much, he’s asking when he can do it again!

Proud dad, Vijay, is hoping to raise around £3,500 for sensory equipment for the Melton Project.


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