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Secret Garden Project

The Secret Garden was set a challenge some time ago by The Courtyard in Crumlin to design and construct more aesthetically pleasing gardens at the back of two of the properties. So, in September 2011 work commenced.

We were extremely fortunate to have made the acquaintance of Ian Price (Ian Price Horticulture and Garden Design) during this years Garden Show Ireland and he agreed to volunteer a day of his time as well as design the lay-out of the two gardens. We also have had the good fortune to develop an extremely positive relationship with Business in the Community who supplied us with a team of volunteers from the Dept Enterprise Trade and Industry (DETI).

On 22nd September The Courtyard resembled a scene from an extreme make-over show, with people digging, shovelling, sweating and skiving, all in equal measures!! As the daylight dwindled the majority of the work was completed, pats on the back and contented faces – an amazing transformation. Here are some of the photos depicting work in progress. I cannot say a big enough thank-you to Ian and to all the volunteers from DETI who met the challenge with boundless enthusiasm. They were a joy to work alongside and have even volunteered some of their own free time to ensure all the work is completed!

Teresa set a challenge, the budget was low

With gardens to dig, and beds for to sow.

We enlisted some help, free labour of course

Ian, and from DETI, we were lucky to source.

The work took all day, with sweat on the brow

It was nearly completed, we didn’t know how.

All looked amazing, we’d huffed and we’d puffed

Thanks to our friends, without whom we were stuffed!!

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