Involvement to Date

Service users have been involved in the formation of new literature and information about Praxis Care services, such as corporate brochures and the annual report.

The Praxis Care promotional DVD, “Getting a Life”, which details the work of the organization through interviews with service users, and could not have been made without the major contribution from service users.

Others have been involved in developing the Praxis Care website through providing testimonials and personal stories that highlight issues important to them, and how involvement with Praxis Care has assisted them.

Some service users have played a prominent role in PR events such as the Praxis Care launch of World Mental Health Day at Stormont. Others have appeared on radio and in newspaper articles promoting Praxis Care services, and talking about their experiences.

A large number of service users have been involved in fundraising activities at both an organisational and at a local level. They have assisted staff during street collections, as well as helping to plan and run specific fundraising events.

Further Opportunities

Praxis Care is continually striving to involve service users in all aspects of its fundraising and PR activities.

If you use Praxis Care services, and would like to be involved in the work of the Fundraising & PR Department then use the details below to contact us for more information:

Christine Armstrong, Marketing & Communications Executive, 25-31 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 7AA

Tele: 028 90818419


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