Involvement to Date

There are regular informal road shows and consultation meetings held with service users to ensure their views are heard on existing service provision issues and to find out from those who use Praxis Care services, how these services can be improved.

Routinely, service users speak to external inspectors from Supporting People teams, and the various other regulatory bodies such as RQIA & CQC as part of annual inspections. Service users can talk to these inspectors about their experiences of Praxis Care services

Services are monitored on a monthly basis by Assistant Directors in Praxis Care. An important part of these monitoring visits is the chance for service users to talk to the Assistant Directors about what it is like to use the services. The feedback provided by service users helps to improve the quality of the service provided by Praxis Care.

A new service user involvement group, ‘UP in Policy’, has been formed. It will meet regularly with staff from the Quality & Governance Department to review and devise policy for Praxis Care. The latest leaflet produced in partnership with service users has been the Complaints leaflet.

A service user involvement symbol has been developed by service users to help demonstrate where involvement has occurred throughout the organisation. Users of Praxis Care services helped to devise a number of draft symbols for consideration, and had final decision making control over this symbol which was eventually chosen above the rest.

Further Opportunities

Praxis Care wants to ensure that the policies it uses are relevant, up to date, and that they work to improve the lives of individuals who use Praxis Care services.

If you use Praxis Care services, and would like to be involved in the work of the Quality & Governance Department then use the details below to contact us for more information:

Brian McCready, Assistant Director, Quality & Governance Department, 25-31 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 7AA

Tele: 028 90727152        Email:

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