Praxis Care believes that every individual has a right to meaningful activity during the day and recognises that for some the development of self-help and other life skills may be limited. However, the organisation would aspire to enable each individual to develop as normally as possible and acquire skills relevant to adulthood and a level of self-reliance. Thus the organisation has sought to develop a range of projects which meet differing needs.

Apart from diversional and educational activities carried out at a range of day care/workskills projects, service users run Cookie Companies where cookies are made, packaged and sold to local shops. The service users also run coffee shops. For individuals who prefer more physical activity, Praxis Care has developed horticultural and building projects which fully utilise the skills of the individuals involved. These schemes enable individuals to take a full and active part in contributing to the economy and being integrated into the local community.

Drop-In Services

These services offer individuals with mental ill health and related complex needs help in planning and management of their own social routines.

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