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Will you take the Praxis Care St Valentine’s Diet Challenge in 2013?

The St Valentine’s Diet Challenge will run from Monday 7th January to Friday 15th February 2013.  The challenge is a weight loss programme which will focus on three different elements required to help people lose weight:

  1. Good Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Individuals will sign up to the campaign and receive a pack which will include a diet sheet and a sponsorship form.  All individuals will be required to raise a minimum of £80 to take part in the campaign.  Weekly weigh ins and weight management sessions will be provided throughout Northern Ireland.

Herbalife Independent Distributors

Herbalife Independent Distributors

Click Here to download the information pack.

Click here to download the Self Help Diet Sheet.

Click here to download a sponsorship form.

The weekly weigh in sessions will be held in the following places:

  • Eden Beauty Salon, Magherafelt, Tuesday 8th January 7pm
  • Backrow Recreation Centre, Draperstown, Monday 7th January 7pm
  • Wellness Works Unit B11 Omagh Enterprise Centre, Gortrush Industrial Estate, Omagh, TBC
  • Eclipse Hair Salon , Maghera, Thursday 10th January, 7pm
  • ToneUp & Glow, Omagh, TBC
  • Praxis, Lisburn Road, Belfast, Monday 7th January, 6:30 pm
  • Rosemount Primary School, Derry, Wednesday 9th January, 7pm
  • Fit4anything Fitness Studio, Ballygawley, TBC
  • Ardview Centre, Rathkyle, Stiles, Antrim, Wednesday 9th January, 6:30pm

For further information on the Praxis Care St Valentine’s Diet Challenge please email fundraising@praxiscare.org.uk or sign up below.

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