Emma got involved as part of her university course to get some experience about how learning takes place in an informal environment, Emma is training to be a primary school teacher.

“ I volunteered initially for 3 weeks as part of my university placement but I enjoyed it so much that and I decided to stay for an additional 2 weeks and I will be returning to the Courtyard whenever I’m home from university during the holidays. I enjoyed volunteering with Praxis Care at the Courtyard because of the people I met.  The staff support meant that I have grown in confidence and have learnt a great deal from my experience.

My role was to support the service users in the Courtyard. I helped with everyday tasks like going shopping or chatting over a cup of tea or got involved with leisure activities like badminton and other sports.

I also helped some of the service users to complete a cookie company cooking programme,  The service users were involved from start to finish completing ‘cue cards’, buying ingredients, baking and filming the project.  It was great to help the service users create something that they were so proud of.

Volunteering with Praxis Care is one of the best things I have ever done.  I would encourage anyone that has an interest in volunteering to give it a go because not only will you touch the lives of the service users but they will also touch yours.”

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